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Our ESL class has been practicing writing opinion paragraphs. These opinions are responses to local and global issue in the news. Chose an event that is happening in your community or worldwide and share your opinion!

Earth Day

April 22nd is Earth Day. It is a day to celebrate life on our beautiful planet. It is also a day to think about solutions for the serious environmental problems we have such as global warming and the loss of natural resources.

What environmental problem are you most worried about? What are some solutions to the problem?

Giving Advice: community building

Many ESL students feel lonely. They have left the comfort of their families, neighborhoods and communities. When learning a new language and culture, it is not always easy to meet people and make new connections. What suggestions or advice do you have for students who are hoping to make new friends and become more involved in their communities?

language focus: could/should/ought to/need to/had better/ must/
have to

Tea Culture

Tea has a special role in many cultures around the world. In England people drink afternoon tea. In the United States many people drink tea at any time of the day. In many Asian cultures people drink tea with meals and use tea in formal ceremonies.

To read more about the culture of tea, click on this website:


Response: Write about your tea habits. Do people drink tea in your country? Are there any rituals around drinking tea? What do you put in your tea? (honey, sugar, milk) What kinds of food do you eat with tea?

The food we eat

The food we eat can show a lot about us, about our health, our economic resources and our cultural habits. Click on the link below to see what foods are eaten in one week around the world. Write a short response to what you read. Try to use degree compliments which are the words and phrases we are practicing in class: "enough", "not enough", and "too much/many".


Questions you might answer...

What surprised you?

Which country's food consumption looks the most like your own?

Valentine's Day

Valentines Day, February 14th, is a cultural and commercial holiday in the United States. People often spend a lot of money buying romantic gifts for their sweethearts like chocolate, flowers and jewelery. People also buy or make cards for one another expressing their love. The cards are called "valentines". Many couples go out to eat in restaurants on Valentine's Day. Children also give each other cards that express friendship and love.

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day?
What do you do?

culture topic #1: table manners

People in the United States come from all over the world so table manners do not look the same in every house. However, here are some general cultural patterns you might see:

1. Eating is considered a social time. People like to have conversations during meals. However, they try not to talk with food in their mouths.

2. People try to eat quietly. They try not to make noises as they eat or drink or have soup.

3. People eat some foods with their hands: sandwiches, hamburgers, chicken legs, and so on.

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