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I would like to talk to you about the schedule of the buses in Olympia, because when I need to take the bus I wait for it in the bus stop for almost one hour. It depends on which shift it is. When it is morning I wait the bus for one hour. But if it is afternoon I wait for bus for almost 40 minutes and if it is evening it is more terrible because I wait for it for one hour and 15 minutes or more. It is dangerous because it is dark. It is worse on the weekend. Some time I wait for the bus for almost one hour and 30 minutes. I think it is a big problem that the authorities need make a good solution. Moreover they need to think that our city is bigger than 10 years ago and there are more families than few years ago. These are some reasons that I think that the city needs to buy more buses and to extend the shift.

Texting while driving

In my opinion, texting while driving a vehicle is a dangerous driving
distraction. All people should be aware of how dangerous it is.
Texting while driving is always a bad idea. Things happen too fast on the highway, to take your eyes off the road long enough to read or type a message. It could lead to an accident or worse. Even once you text somebody, when you get a response, your immediate reflex is to look down and to grab your phone to respond back - no one would drive on the road with their eyes closed, but essentially,when you're
texting, that's what you are doing. Your concentraction is on the message, not on the road. For example, it has just happened to the bus driver who was caught on tape, texting while driving, in Texas.
He was behind the wheel typing a text message on his cellphone when he lost control and hit a car in front of him. I think he was lucky that was no one in the bus got hurt. In fact, Washington state, texting while driving is a secondary violation, troopers can not stop drivers if they see it occurring. But it could mean drivers end up with two tickets instead of just one. I'm opposed to excessive government
regulation, but texting while driving endangers other motorists on the road as well. I thank the governor Chris Gregoire for signing into law, bans texting while driving.