Giving Advice: community building

Many ESL students feel lonely. They have left the comfort of their families, neighborhoods and communities. When learning a new language and culture, it is not always easy to meet people and make new connections. What suggestions or advice do you have for students who are hoping to make new friends and become more involved in their communities?

language focus: could/should/ought to/need to/had better/ must/
have to


Dear maria;
My name is Jie. I think I have same problem like you. I have lived there longer then you. I can't speak or write English well. I'm very
worried about it. but ring now I'm taking ESL class . I" m exsited abot it. I really love study with other people togergher. It's very fun. you could take many classes if you like. you could ask qustions
in calss when you don't undestand something. you could talk and practice with calssmates. every day have homeworks. help you could speak English at home or work. you could read a lot help you enjoy in Engllish. I think if you work hard you can learn English faster.


Hi I am cinthia,

I could to study in South Comunnity College because is more better learning and you could meet a friend, is good adia come to recibe to english class is very cheaper and remember is more better you can learning english slowly but sure.

God Bless You!!!


it's difficult for ESL students to make friends in a new too.
They often sad and borring cause dont have friends.couldn't talk to another by English,and their English are not improve.
I thought they need to find a American partner to help them improve their English.they'd better find a people who come with same country with you and live before them to help you know more about new coutry.they should go to the cafeteria to talk with another and make friends.they must self-confident to makes friends and talk to another.


Dear ESL students,
I would like to give you pieces of advice about building a great community. We could take an active part in our community. Almost in all places would like to have "Volunteers" we could get involved in schools, hospitals, ect. I have lived in USA for 2 years and I have felt with fear to do that but now I decide to take an active part in my community without I take care of my English.


Dear ESL Students.
I have lived in usa for 15 years. At church i met firends and i invite come my house have dinner with my framily.
I advise my firends could go to SPSCC to study Englisl.
You could get Englisl better,you get good job in the USA.


Hi ESL students.

I would like to give some advice for ESL student who are lonely or want to meet people and make a new friend. You should go out to talk with your neighbors. This is a good way to communicate with people. you could volunteer in your communities clean up organizations.
You should find out other volunteer programs in your children school. You could meet a new friend and you coul practice your English too.


I think that we should to involved in our communities through volunteer organizations where we can feel comfortable. That can be a good idea for you if you enjoy helping people, also you can make new friends and learn about american culture. You ought to go to events in the community. There are many events about different topics around the city. There you can meet new people and make new connections.

Ji Young Yi

Hi, ESL students:
I don't really have good advice to make friends because I am not a outgoing person myself. Though, I would like to tell you my experience of meeting people.
The most effective way to meeting people is that you could get a part time job at the place where you can greet a lot of people. For example, you could get a job at a small grocery store that has a lot of regular customers so that you could talk to them. If making money wasn't your goal, then you could look for jobs where you can serve people, like restaurants and dry cleaner counter job. You could also join a health club, find some volunteer work from community centers. If you are religious, then you could go to a neighborhood church.


Hi ESL students:
I'm Monica. I'm from Mexico. I arrived here last July. This have not been easy for me because when I came here I did not speak English. I felt better when I started my english class. I could meet friends and learning English too.
If you want meet more people and fell more confortable in your community. You could participate in the cultural life. For example: I usually go with my husband to the Olympia Film Society, cinema. It is a beautiful theater. If you want you can be volunteer in that organization. It is very fun and interesting.

Giving advice

I suggest that you might go to ESL class in SPSCC or other organizations.
They could offer like a volunteer in some institutions.
If you like to dance you could go to relax and be happy there.
Also you might go to a gym there are many people to meet you.
You should walk around your neighborhood and see the institutions that are close to you. You could meet some neighbors or meet the neighbor association.
If you have kids you could offer to volunteer there or meet the parents association.


When you come in to the other country , you feel some confuse.
You souldn't be lonely here. You need to meet people from your new neghborhood and communities. I think almost all of them could help you to decide your problem. You ought to met them.

At first you ought to use a computer it is mean to use internet. You could know some way for your learning new language and culture.So you had better way for it. You must never be lonely.


Hi ! My name is JC. I would you like to introudce you to meet some of my friends. Could you come to the ESL classes with me tomorrow. We need to have lunch together.I would like you to meet them.


Hi ESL students!
I have been in USA for 6 month. I came from Kyrgizstan, and didn't know anybody in this country, but my husband thuogh if I will get English class, I could find friends,and make better my inglish. Ofcourse I'm not anough live in the USA, but I think, I should going to church, cinema by this way we could find friends. I think we have to work for our English and to find frieds.
so it's work,I really like my class,and my English bacame better.


I think you ought to start to work as a volonteer in some organizations, like the Children's Museum or "The Other Bank". There you will meet a lot of people, you'll have co-wokers and somebody could be your friend sometimes. If you like sport activites you should go to swimming pool or gym in Evergreen College. It's free for SPSCC students!
Also, you could invite your classmates for tea-party in your appartment. You'll have fun and friends!


Hi ESL students! I am being in your situation. I have been here for one year. Some time i felt lonely, but now it is better. It is some experience. I think you should volunteer in some organization at shool, church, etc.. . By these activities, you can talk with another people, making a new friends, you can practice to speak english, know about the new culture. You shouldn't stay at home so that you will boring. You could walk around your hourse, talking with your neighborhoods. You could call your classmate to communicate or meeting classmate to practice english together. you could go shopping, eating together. With these experience i hope can help you alittle.