Our ESL class has been practicing writing opinion paragraphs. These opinions are responses to local and global issue in the news. Chose an event that is happening in your community or worldwide and share your opinion!

Gun is weapon danger

Huong opinions
Gun Is Weapon Danger
All people in the United State shouldn't be allowed to carry gun, because gun is harmful weapon. Each year in the United State, there were a lot of people killed because of gun. But some people used gun kill together because anger or they watched violent on TV and it made them do to blind action. Some people used gun to protect themselves. This weapon is very danger for everybody. I think, the first reason, government should order a ban for all people. They can't use gun and carry gun. The second reason is very important, government had better order prohibition for all business don't sale gun. All people want safety and peace.

children and teacher - Dejun

Parents hope children go to school and should learn lot of skill. The teacher ought to be patient and had better provide great learning. Children leave from their family to go to school that school. It’s new environment for them so teacher should be nice and patient. Children grow bigger and they make new friends whom like go to school. Teacher will begin to teach them read, write and play games with each other doing sports, playing ball or running. At the school children often read a book or teacher tells story to them that ought to courtesy and work in coordination. Finally in my opinion the school and teacher and are important for children .When they go to school, it’s start of their life. They will go to society they had better learn lot of things. I think everyone at childhood ought to get good education and have good character and become sound citizen.

Ltn Oil spill.

BP oil Company should pay for entire clean up of oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.
Because of their fault,I feel they are careless.
I believe the oil damaged enviroment and destroyed a large of wildlife. My second reason is the oil company is not very truful about this job.All of fishman lost their income.

lungrik's opinion

I hope that we get full health inssurance as soon as possible. Sick people can't survive without health care.

Health care is the most important issue. Health care is more important than war. If people don't have money they have really bad problems with these things.

I think we should think about other people but not ourselves. If we have health care and inssurance people will die less than when they didn't have insurance. That is why healthcare is more important than war and most other issues.


The parking lot:

My concern is about the parking lot: we are ESL students it is hard for all us to pay for the parking lot. It costs like $36.00 dollars for a quarter, more than $25.00 which we paid for the quarter. In addition if we paid for the parking lot, you aren't guaranteed a spot. A lot of students paid for that; they are in the parking lot until any car going out and get it quickly before another car gets it first. Some students get to class late because of that. I usually park in the street far away from the school, so I have to walk for 10 or 15 minutes and I always get late too. I also got a ticket for park my car in an unmarked space. The weather here in Olympia doesn't help at all either. In conclusion, I think the parking lot should change for the good of the students in the present and in the future.

kidnapping in Mexico by Soitza Devlin

In my opinion,kidnapping in Mexico should carry the penalty of capitol punishment. It would help to stop criminal activity that is out of control. According to studies by the National University of Mexico over ninety percent of kidnappings are not reported to authorities. It's very traumatic for victims and families who trying desperatly to save the kidnap victims, so they pay ransom demands and extortion. Frequently the victims are found dead with evidence of torture and abuse. Last President of Mexico Vicente Fox Quezada called for legislators to pass reform to the criminal justice laws that are bogged down in an inefficient congress, including amendments that will make kidnapping a federal crime.
The legislators, the President and the judicial branches had better work together for a safer country.

Monica Cowan

The teenagers dating alone

There are many problems when the teens start dating alone. I think that the age for dating alone should be 18 years old. The teens are immature to have a relationship. For example it is terrible seeing how many teens are depressed or in the worse case they cause suicide because they had a lover deception. Also there is a high number of pregnant teenagers. This is because the teens are not ready to live a formal relationship. They must focus in their schools, arts, and sports. They have to live their age and enjoy their friends and family. Then they are going to have many time for love. There will be time for falling in love and deceptions too. The parents have to help to their children to learn about what thing is important in a right age. The life is too short and we have to enjoy each time in our life.

Soitza Devlin

Dear Monica,
I agree with you because I'm a mother of one girl. I advised her to wait until she would be mature to have a boyfriend. However, she didn't, and later her heart was broke. After, that bad experience she learned the lesson. Now,
she is married and happy.

"Creation of Jobs and State"

In my opinion, the creation of more jobs is very important in a country. I agree with this position. It's the responsibility of each State. The creation of jobs is helping to reduce the unemployment. A drop in the county's jobless rate is another sign that the South Sound economy slowly is improving. Other economic indicators that show an improving trend this year include home sales, new construction and a falling number of foreclosure-related filings. I think job creation will get better every year.

By, Clara

i think the bus in Olympia is

i think the bus in Olympia is not enough quick for people to go.There needs to more buses and curtail time to have other ones.if someone had something busy and missed the bus,we have to wait for thirsty minutes to have another one.it's difficult for people to move.In addition,it will dont spent a lots of time for people if they want to go out.Most imporant,relplace of wait for a buses,people can do a lots of something else and can have more choise to do and economize of time.

To do alot activities games!

United States has problem with weight. Alot TV sets show comercial about losing weights,alot medecines,gyms for losing weight. People have complex by this is problem,and some of them don't do anything just distress. Some people would like to do exersise but they do not have money to get proffesional diet doctor who can advise them what they have to do.Even for consultation you have to pay,gym clubs.
Some people are just shy because they worried maybe some body might laugh at them.So that why i think people have to do public activities game to do teams work. It is alot fun so they could enjoy team works , by that people get interesting,and forgut about all problem,about theres complex. And then they can help to another people who need help,like build houses. I think this is great idea.It's also kind of activeties work,they do nice to another people and to them self.

Health Care should be free for all people.

Health care should be free for all people.It should be free because a lot of people don't have enough money to pay for medical assistance.It should be free is too expensive.It should be free because this is one of rights that we have.It should not be free for rich people because I think they have enough money to pay for it.I think it should be easy for kids and old people to get free health care because they need it more.
Margarita Uriostegui


I gree with your opinion. Free health care should be apply all over the word. Today, people want to go see doctor but money was major problom. this world is so unfair and sad that money make to see doctor. If I will be president I will solve this problem first.one of my 80 years old friend sick allthe time.yesterday, I asked her to see doctor. but She said she doesn't have money.one other business owned friend also doesn't have health insurance. She is economically better than other people but still too expensive to buy health insurance. Any way people who got money or not health care should be 100% free.


"You must be the change you wish to see in the world" that is what John McConnell, founder of International Earth Day said. We can write, talk or read about global warming, wasting water and electricity, water, land and air pollution one and another time. The harsh facts are all days we are deteriorating our environment and it is going to bring to us a lot of more sicknesses than are already here. However, we must change our bad acts starting by taking care of our environment, showing to everybody that one person can do small changes, yet a lot of people can do big changes in our world. One solution could be that you become a member of a environmental group taking an active part on it. Another possible solution could be you will meet with your neighbors, organizing how to take care of the environment of our community. Although it can take more time is a really god way to protect our environment. Righ now, I think one important solution is the mothers and fathers take an active part on it. If you as a mother (father) by teaching to your children how they can protect of environment, then your children will teach their children and so forth. The important thing about it is not only teach them. We need to do all actions together. We could go to pick up garbage on streets, showing them how littering is affecting our planet. In our homes not all members put the reclycle garbage in their correct place. Then we could help them be more conscientious one and another time untill they belive into their minds that do it is of vital importance. Then... "You must be the cange you wish to see in the world"

I agree

I agree with your comment. It's true that one person can do big changes in the world. In my country we are not organizing like in USA. But here, my family and I are learning so fast to do many things to contribute to have clean and in orden our city. It's more easy that we put tha garbage in different containers to select better it. Last week, our teacher July, talked about the plastic bags that aren't good for the environmment. I have taken conciens about it. Now, when I go to buy something at the store, I give my own fabric bag. If I start to don't use it I can save some animals to die in the world for eat it. I have to do all that are in my hands to have a better world for all.