culture topic #1: table manners

People in the United States come from all over the world so table manners do not look the same in every house. However, here are some general cultural patterns you might see:

1. Eating is considered a social time. People like to have conversations during meals. However, they try not to talk with food in their mouths.

2. People try to eat quietly. They try not to make noises as they eat or drink or have soup.

3. People eat some foods with their hands: sandwiches, hamburgers, chicken legs, and so on.

4. People cut food such as meat and vegetables with the fork in the left hand and the knife in the right hand.

5. In a restaurant, when people want to get a server's attention, they try to "catch his or her eye" and raise one hand a little. Or they might say "excuse me" quietly. Whistling (making a high noise through your teeth) lor snapping your fingers is considered rude.

Questions you might think about:

How are table manners different in your native country?

What else have you noticed about table manners in the U.S.?

What are very polite or very impolite table manners in your
native country?

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Thank you for posting this

Thank you for posting this topic. We can learn and exchange the culture of our native country with each other.
There is some similar and some different table manners between U.S and Vietnam, such as:
1. Eating is also considered a gather time for family. People like to talk about everything but they will not talk with food in their mouths.
2. We have to say inviting word to each other before eating. And the meal will begin after the oldest one in family will say: "Enjoy your meal!" or "Let's eat!"
3. We use chopsticks and spoons to eat. We also eat some food with our hands such as spring rolls and foods with bones.
4. People also try to eat quietly. They try not to make noises as they eat or drink or have soup.
5. It is impolite when someone blows their noses when people at the table are eating.
6. In a restaurant, people do the same in U.S when they want to get a server's attention.

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young's comment

In my country peoples usually eat their food with use a spoon and shopsticks.They very like to talk with eath of eating time. Also they enjoy the drink with food and a little noisyer. But in Amreican peoples so quiet at the table and manners are so good.Also they enjoy their food and they have long times at the table. But my country peoples is not. Amost they really busy and eating quickly. So l,m going to used to Amreican table manners day by days.

I think all peaple same,and

I think all peaple same,and do same things,in spite of we are live in different place and have different culture.,however i find just little one different people who live in USA they speak alot,and every time.I don't wont to say its bad,i think its good,because people speak and get possitive energic,and they chang information,they speak everywhere,when they eat,wolk,drive car,...

maricela's comment

In my country, usually most people eat their food with the hands because we have our meals with tortilla (made of corn). So, when you eat whith tortilla is more delicious eat with your hands. In my country every day people eat with tortilla like a minimum of once a day. Also, we have many kinds of food to eat whit the hands like: tacos, enchiladas, quesadillas, burritos, nachos, sopes, tostadas, tamales, tortas and so on.

table manners

In my coutry, people like to conversations during meal but they try to talk without food in their mouths. Some time, people use their hand to eat food with the food can't use their hand. However, in my country have some differences. People eat food by the chopsticks in their right hand, and the spoon in their left hand to eat such as chicken, or some noodle food, not by fork or the knife.

We are little confused to see

We are little confused to see when man put on the coffetable his feet near his food the same time. It is just new for us. :)

cultural eatings

I can see many people of all the world here in Olympia. Oriental people don't make noices when they have food or soup in their mouths. Other people eat and talking, but never thay talk with food in their mouth.

Cultural eatings

I think we are come from different country and we have different cultural. In cambodia when people eat in the restaurant they try not to eat all of the foods on the table. Because the servers think that you are so hunger and you are cheap person.

table manners

I think in Mexico is the same. We have a lot things in commun about table manners.
In the part where took about people eat some foods with their hands, in Mexico is the same only miss tacos, here people eat tacos like in Mexico with their hands!!!!