The food we eat

The food we eat can show a lot about us, about our health, our economic resources and our cultural habits. Click on the link below to see what foods are eaten in one week around the world. Write a short response to what you read. Try to use degree compliments which are the words and phrases we are practicing in class: "enough", "not enough", and "too much/many".

Questions you might answer...

What surprised you?

Which country's food consumption looks the most like your own?

If your country is represented, do you think it is accurate? Do most people eat that way?

Which country do think eats in the healthiest way?

The food we eat

I was surprised by looking at the Hungry Planet's photos. I can make in comparison with each country around the world. How they expend for food consumption every weeks. It was amazing me that people in: China, Philippines, Cuba,Ecuador and Chad can spend less than one hundred dollar a week for food and they looked healthier than the people who spent more money on food. But I felt sorry for the Aboubakar family who lives in Chad, Refugee camp. Here family did not have enough money to buy additional foods. Beside, that she has to eat what she she can afford or the UN provided her family.

maricela's comment

I think that the photo that represent my country is accurate with eaten habits in Mexico. Most mexican have many problems about drinking soda like american people. Besides, mexican people are following the american culture and they are incrementing too much fast and process food in their diets. But, I think that it is not a good idea. Perhaps, we should to learn of other countries like China that eats in the healthiest way. And we need to change our eating habits, eating more natural and fresh vegetables, fruits, meet, and so on.
There are two people in my family, and we eat many fruits, enough vegetables but too little meet. We prefer fish or chicken that beef.

eat for too little money in Chad

I'm surprised with Chad, refugee camp in Sudan. Six people can survive expending only $1.23 per week. It's too little money to expend for my family. They only use food that is necesary for theirselves. They have too little products to make a different foods every day. I think that they don't have too many products to make an enough healthy food. They don't eat some vegetables, fruits and meat.
In my family are 7 persons, 4 are vegetarians. We consume more fish and soya and to many vegetables and too much fruits. Once a week, non vegetarians, eat some meat. I can ingenius to make food that like all my family. I thinh that my family eat like in China.