Tea Culture

Tea has a special role in many cultures around the world. In England people drink afternoon tea. In the United States many people drink tea at any time of the day. In many Asian cultures people drink tea with meals and use tea in formal ceremonies.

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Response: Write about your tea habits. Do people drink tea in your country? Are there any rituals around drinking tea? What do you put in your tea? (honey, sugar, milk) What kinds of food do you eat with tea?

If you don’t drink tea, is there a special drink that is important in your country?

My Tea habit drinking.

I have a habit to drink tea early in the morning, after I drink coffee. I like to drink plain tea. I don't like to put any sugar in my tea. In Cambodia, some people drink tea after they are finished eating their noodles and they drink tea to have a long conversation. For the old people, they go to cefe' in the morning and it is cheaper than the restaurant. They go to cefe' to find social friends and drink cup of coffee, then they drink tea and they talk, laugh about their daily life.Some old folks exhange information about their family progressive works or interesting businesses. Tea is no charge in the cefe' so it is good place to talk and the coffee is affordable price.

hi every body!

I don't have any habits to drink tea, but in my contry, people usually have habits to drink tea after they have lunchs or dinners. also, many people drink tea at the breakfast. They drink coffee and drink tea. usually, they don't put any thing in tea to drink.